just sending a report for the ninegret crit, Saw your race, but could not pick you out from the pack.</div>
put me on the cat 3 race team (I gotta be the weakest cat 3 in history), or if you decide to make a masters group</div>
Anyway, 1st race of the season was the ninegret crit 55+. Was good to have Brian Murphy as a teammate, we agreed to help each other out if the occasion arose.</div>
Started with a bit of trepidation as the last fast ride in the pack was the jamestown race, nearly 6 months ago. my objectives were not to get dropped as Im frequently a weak crit rider. Found it much easier than expected to simply sit in. A 5 man break went off about 1/3 into th race, and the pace was slowed by the blocking being done by the teammates of those in the breakaway. Once the breakaway had gotten out of sight, the pace picked up again. The wind picked up a lot on the back stretch, as it frequently does on this course. Got near the front a few times, but the usual churning of the pack made that temporary. Lots and lots of swerving of the leaders to make the chasers fight the wind. Saw the 10 lap to go sign, I thought if Im going to do something, its almost time to act. Couldn't believe I was even able to contemplate this, way cool if you've ever been forced to cook yourself simply to hang on.</div>
I had kept an eye on Brian as he had flatted and had just rejoined the pack. There were a few attacks from those others who had some snap left, I waited for a promising wheel to follow. I jumped into a group of 3 and Brian latched on with 3 laps to go. We were in the lead of the chase group and turned into the wind, the front rider did not pull through for some reason, so we were doomed as he would surely tire and we'd get caught. With 1 lap to go the pack caught us and the real attacks started, I was too close to the front and have no sprint to speak of so couldn't manage an effective response. Then the goal became don't be last, that was achievable ended up 25th out of 30 starters. Not bad for my 100th bike race, in fact Id consider it a success.</div>