</span>Bart Lipinski - Masters 35+</i></b></span></div>

Ok, so first off, I think I paid way too much attention through out the week to the weather. Rain and thunderstorms were predicted for Saturday all week. I have only done this race once before as a Cat 5 and it was cold and the sky’s opened up. Could not see a thing, so there was always a bad taste in my mouth about this one. Thankfully, the rain held off and there was not much more that a steady drizzle for the last 3 laps. The ground was wet, but at least you could see the road and the potholes. </p>

Saturday morning was kind of a weird one. I almost didn’t even want to ride my bike, let alone race. There was no doubt that I was racing, just one of those days I felt like doing nothing.</p>

The race, long neutral start to the course and was feeling ok. The first few laps a guy here or there would get out a 30 second lead or so, but this was a lazy group. No one wanted to work and when someone did get off the front, teammates would block (very narrow roads).  Two others did get out for about two laps, but everyone was back together for the last lap.</p>

For most of the race I was focusing on my riding position and being where I though I should be. I almost didn’t even care about the results. Killington is 2 weeks away, the road is slick, figured I’d play it save today.</p>

But….I was able to but myself in a pretty good position. The last ½ mile (about 140’ up) took you into the town square, where with about .1 miles to go, a sharp right and about an 8% sprint up to the finish line. A fast lead out by one team took the pack from a group of about 30 riders to a single file line (coming into the sharp right hander). I was about 9 or 10 wheels back, turned right and dumped what I had left. Picked up all by 3 guys to finish 4</p>

There were a few times I tried to get in a break (didn’t work) or bridge the gap, but other than that, really didn’t do much. I think that I finally figured out how to ride smart, especially when you have no teammates. Well....maybe.</p>